This is a step by step tutorial on how to slip cast. Slip casting can be useful for making multiples of one object and to make casts that are hollow on the inside. This tutorial is demonstrating how to slip cast porcelain in an already existing plaster mold easily and efficiently. For  a tutorial on how to make a plaster mold please refer to the "Plaster Mold Making" tutorial for more information.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Below You will find images of the materials needed to complete this tutorial. The materials needed are as follows:

Plaster mold
Large Rubber Bands
Paper or plastic coffee cup
Clay Sponge
Clay Cutting Knife
1 Gallon Porcelain Slip Ware (can be purchased at The Standard Ceramic Supply (http://www.7ceramic.com/)

Can i visit your shop
<p>How often do you refill the mold to get a desired thickness of 1/4 inch? </p><p>How long do you let the mold dry out before it will be ready to cast again? In order for it to 'suck the water' out?</p>
<p>very nice</p>
Awesome... and sooo pretty. <br> <br>I'm guessing that instead of slip, wax could be used. Grease up the walls of the cast and place with the drying timing. <br>Where is the &quot;Plaster Mold Making&quot; tutorial. You've not put in the link
If you grease up the inside of the mold you could ruin the mold for ever using it for slip again as the mold is made of plaster of paris and its properties to absorb moisture from the slip would be greatly diminished if not ruined completely . <br> <br>My Parents have 2 kilns and a treasure trove of molds they acquired back in the 80's when ceramics were a big hit i learned many many things about ceramics when i was young . <br> <br>I even made a few of my own molds now i use concrete and latex molds to make my own sculptures Molds for wax ar best made with a vacuum former or metal {tin} formed or carve your own statue out of plaster and use latex to form a thin removable mold for wax but no parafine based wax''e should be used with latex as the wax emulsifies the latex making it useless after about 3 or 4 castings ..
I meant play with the drying timing.
Where is the kiln firing and mold making info?
That's amazing! I had no idea how this was done. :)

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