Picture of Slipper Shining with LED strip & Xadow

Led strips are amazing! Firewalker-led-sneakers( by Adafruit inspired me.

I wanna change a way to control it, instead of "pressure-sensitive", I use a accelerometer sensor judging the motion of slipper.

It's simple, I complete this version only calculating the acceleration on "z" axis, weather i'm speed up or slow down. Led will "flow" if I'm moving, and stop as I stop.
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Step 1: Materials & Tools

Xadow main board
Xadow 3-axis
Xadow breakout
W2828 programmable RGB Led Strips(with integrated driver)
shoe and model!

There is already a 3.7V lipo battery shipped with Xadow, due  to my experience this voltage can light up a short segment of RGB Led strip, if necessary you can calculate the max length it can support based on your specific one. For me, this is a W2818 programmable RGB Led strip with integrated driver.

If you wanna a more "blink" experience, please use an external 5V DC power or make a 5V booster  by yourself.

Step 2: Connect

Picture of Connect
How to:

Xadow main board <- I2C -> Xadow 3-axis <-> Strip

There is already breakout on accelerometer sensor, so you don't have to add "Xadow breakout".

Xadow use FFC between two modules, this 12Pin cable just fix the Xadow compatible interface.

For more info, please checkout wiki

Some solder works should be done: you have to connect pins to the breakout on Xadow.

Step 3: Blink Test

Picture of Blink Test
Since this is the same as NeoPixel Digital RGB LED by adafruit, if you wanna a quick implementation of beautiful animation with it, I highly recommend the code example  by Adafruit

Deploy their library, have a try on "example"

Also deploy, try the demos related with 3-axis. I made some modification and use it on Xadow.
samalert1 year ago
video would be nice !
Gabse1 year ago
A ne555 would be a lot easyer.
Izzy43021 year ago
That's awesome!
Eternal661 year ago
Hi xadow, that's very nice.