Led strips are amazing! Firewalker-led-sneakers(http://learn.adafruit.com/firewalker-led-sneakers) by Adafruit inspired me.

I wanna change a way to control it, instead of "pressure-sensitive", I use a accelerometer sensor judging the motion of slipper.

It's simple, I complete this version only calculating the acceleration on "z" axis, weather i'm speed up or slow down. Led will "flow" if I'm moving, and stop as I stop.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Xadow main board
Xadow 3-axis
Xadow breakout
W2828 programmable RGB Led Strips(with integrated driver)
shoe and model!

There is already a 3.7V lipo battery shipped with Xadow, due  to my experience this voltage can light up a short segment of RGB Led strip, if necessary you can calculate the max length it can support based on your specific one. For me, this is a W2818 programmable RGB Led strip with integrated driver.

If you wanna a more "blink" experience, please use an external 5V DC power or make a 5V booster  by yourself.
<p>Hi, what battery beside the xadow 3.7v lipo battery are you using&gt;?</p>
video would be nice !
A ne555 would be a lot easyer.
That's awesome!
Hi xadow, that's very nice.

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