A simple wire rack dries things easily if you have floor air vents. I machine wash my slippers (Wal-Mart), and this rack dries them quickly while retaining their shape. Since I wear the slippers for hours each day during cold weather, I also put them on the rack every night between washings. Keeps them fresh as a daisy, and I know where to find them. See my related Instructables, including a glove dryer for an overhead air vent, click on "unclesam" just below the title above or in the INFO box to the right. On the new page that appears, repeatedly click "NEXT" to see all of them.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Two heavy wire coat hangers, of color to suit your decor
Pair of combination pliers having wire cutter
Screwdriver, flat blade
Floor air vent cover, pulled from duct where rack will be used
<p>this would be so nice for slippers in the morning, but make sure the shoe material is right. Leather, for example, would be ruined by this much direct and dry heat.</p>
<p>airvent heat isnt that hot. yes heat can damage leather, but it takes more than this temp to do it, IME.</p>
I like it, though I can see a potential problem with stinky shoes/mittens. Maybe add a dryer sheet inside for those not-so-fresh feet?

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