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Introduction: Slippery Door Knob

In this tutorial, you will learn how to give a lot of trouble to someone by this easy prank. you could do this to a roommate who you recently did something to and they want to hurt you. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THAT COMES TO YOU FROM THIS PRANK.

You will need:
Vaseline/ lubricating jelly
a door knob
and a victim

Step 1: Apply the Vaseline

step 1: open the door and leave it open. make sure you apply the vaseline to the handle that the victim will be grabbing. get a generous amount of vaseline on your finger and smear it all over the door knob.

Step 2: After You Smear the Vaseline

after you smear the vaseline on the door knob, cover the entire knob with it.

Step 3: Now That You're Done

Now that you're done, wake up your victim and make him chase after you. Make sure you close the door after you wake him up. Now that you have done this, he/she will not be able to open the door.



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    how do you get the Vaseline off

    1 reply

    clean it off with soap or dish washing liquid - maybe bleach if it is not coming off.

    DO NOT do this to brass door knobs. My friend did and it tarnished the knob, and he had to buy a new one, and almost got vandalism charges.

    i did this last year at a cal dealership i worked at. it was funny until i had to clean up 6 cars

    1 reply