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A moment after publishing my previous Magnetic Hex Extension Keyring, I was challenged by AMbros Custom in the comment section. "I think you also have to make something for the bits too," he wrote.

Well, that is exactly what I was thinking at the moment I finished the keyring. It is inconvenient to bring several bits in the pocket. That previous keyring is for my Best Friend. Now I am falling in love with it and decide to make another for myself.

Slophi is the term I pick to simply describes the uses for "slotted" and "phillips" screws. Keep reading, it only takes few minutes to tweak the bit ;)

Step 1: Tools You Need

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Simply one single file.

Okay, we are talking about tweaking the bit, aren't we? So I assume you already have a slotted bit to tweak ^_^ If you don't, you can get a set here on AliExpress or any online shop or nearest hardware shop. On this project I tweak Slotted #6 bit adjusted to Phillips #2 bit. This is the most used for me both at home and the warehouse.

Step 2: Filing the Bit

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You can use a slotted head screwdriver directly on phillips screws, but the corner of the bit will be bent or broken soon. What we need is shaving the corners of the bit accordingly to Phillips slope.

I have a pallet table and I use the gap as guideline. You can use the side of the tabletop as your guideline.

  1. Put the phillips slope on the guideline.
  2. Draw a line on the side of the hex with any marker (here I drawn with phillips screw on my wooden table).
  3. Put your slotted bit (one to be tweaked) hex side on the line we just drawn.
  4. File the bit's corners according to the guideline.

Now your slotted bit has the same slope as the phillips. Adjust the slotted bit to 3 mm is best for any home furniture or appliance, but you can adjust to any size that suit your need.

Step 3: Test Drive

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Now I can fasten any loose screws and adjust my roller latch door easily. Be it a New Year Gift from me to myself and all the DIYers. Buy in bulk and hang some on your Christmas tree to treat your family and friends ;)


TypeNameHere (author)2018-01-06

how about makeing your own double sided bit by takeing a philips bit and fileing the other side until it becomes a flat head.

cepterbi (author)2018-01-05

Great idea. I have a bunch of this spare from all the "kits" i got over the years. Thanks for sharing.

chienline (author)cepterbi2018-01-05

You are welcome ^^

Uncle Kudzu (author)2018-01-02

Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

chienline (author)Uncle Kudzu2018-01-02

Thank you, Sir :)

LonC (author)2018-01-01

Why buy one, if you made it I can also. Thank you

chienline (author)LonC2018-01-01

Not buying from me. BUY the STANDARD bits and extensions in bulk and tweak them by yourself :D

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