Sloppy Jose.. a 6 in 1 ible

Picture of Sloppy Jose.. a 6 in 1 ible
This is a variation on my daughters sloppy joe with several ways of serving it
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Step 1: Why sloppy jose?

Picture of why sloppy jose?
Why am I calling it sloppy jose? because sloppy joe is already taken AND I used a blend of spices I generally use for tacos and burritos. If you want the "recipe"  it's here http://www.instructables.com/id/taco-seasoning-recipe/ I might use a little more or a little less of different spices and I use a mesquite liquid smoke as well as mr's dash steak and chicken seasonings

Step 2: What we need

Picture of what we need
first lets thaw out about 2lbs of ground meat

now lets dig out some spices,
chili powder, smoked paprika, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, italian seasoning, ground coriander, cayenne pepper , crushed red pepper flakes, cinnamon, dry mustard, mrs dash steak seasoning, mrs dash chicken seasoning, mrs dash hot and spicy, liquid smoke. Kosher salt
 There are all kinds of guides and recipes out there for making taco seasoning and it IS a lot tastier than the prepackaged, I'm not giving amounts here because your tastes are different from mine and the amount you'll be making is probably different so experiment with the spices until you get a blend YOU and your family like.

half a large red onion, sweet peppers raided from neighbors garden
 a can of rotel with habanero

the sauce
ketchup, yellow mustard, brown sugar, honey, red wine vinegar, a1 stylle steak sauce (basic sloppy joe sauce)


 rolls, bread, tortillas, crackers, corn chips
Another good one, sir.
We have a Sloppy Jose recipe in my family as well. We take left over taco meat, add our version of sloppy joe sauce to it and wrap it up in burrito shells with some cheese and finely shredded cabbage. The kids really enjoy it.
l8nite (author)  troopersmachine2 years ago
I should probably use more shredded lettuce or cabbage in my wraps and tacos but I can't eat enough by myself to avoid a lot of waste. What do you use in your sloppy joe sauce?
The trick to get my boy to eat his cabbage is to cover it in meat and cheese.
I make my sloppy joe sauce with plain tomato sauce seasoned with cumin, crushed red chili flakes, and some brown sugar or honey for a little sweetness.
l8nite (author)  troopersmachine2 years ago
I used to hide all kinds of grated veggies in meatloaf or casseroles. I'll have to try the tomato sauce instead of ketchup