Picture of Sloth Cake
So as you all have probably gathered from my instructables is I love making elaborate cakes. It's gone from a hobby to a part time job. I am self taught so maybe you'll find better skills in other instructables but for now this is what I've got :)
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Step 1: Ingredients

For this cake you will need

- fondant
- grey and black food dye
- vodka
- cornstarch
- small wooden dowel
- plate or cake board
- clean paint brush
- favorite cake and icing recipes
- rice krispies

Step 2: Creating The Basic Body

Picture of Creating The Basic Body
I used "6 round dishes and baked off 5 cakes. Cut the rounded tops off but don't throw these out. Use your scraps to build out in areas and make arms and legs.

Stack your cakes with icing between the layers and stick your dowel through it. You don't always need a dowel for cakes like this but I would rather be safe than sorry. Nothing would be more crushing than the downfall of your creation being a tiny piece of wood.

I used the round tops from the cake to give the sloth a pot belly and pretty large thighs. I secured them with a touch of icing. Use your remaining scraps to stick on in the shape of arms and legs. Give everything a thin coat of icing and stick in the fridge for about a half hour to firm up.

Step 3: Nails And Fur

Picture of Nails And Fur
Sloth's have long kind of stringy fur. For obvious reasons I didn't do every individual hair. I ended up rolling out thin pieces of fondant dyed with black food colouring for the fur. I cut it into "jagged" edges to resemble pieces of fur. The key here is layers and layers of fondant built up to look like thick coat of fur. I used darker fur near the bottom of his body and worked my way up to lighter layers. I covered his entire body like this.

Sloths also have very long finger and toe nails
I uses white fondant roller into long logs for nails, stick 3 on each limb.
michael631 year ago
michael631 year ago
One word: amazig
Super cute :)
hkosak1 year ago
Oh hi poofrabbit
hkosak1 year ago
Best thing ever
bob30301 year ago
Awesome. You did a great job! Thanks for posting.
poofrabbit1 year ago
I have a sick love with sloths, super cute