Instructables presents: The ANH Obi "Epic Reveal" Lightsaber

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The ANH Obi Springloaded chamber reveal saber is my "holy grail" saber. Everything leading up to this has been practice to me.   This saber was completed in approx. a year and a half.  

CF-LS 5.5 running MadCow's Heirloom font with my custom menu and boots
7.4V Battery pack (2X 18350 Li-Ion batteries with remote PCB Protection)
Activation/Aux custom tilt switch as foreward transistor greeblie
84 High Power LEDs wired Seriallel in blade, 5 in chamber (each of the chamber LEDs wired to blade segments 1 through 5)
Steel Russrep Emitter, steel russrep grenade, brass russrep windvane, steel russrep booster, steel russrep pommel (All heavily remachined and weathered by yours truly)
Recharge port under rear transistor killkey
Interchangeable bladed grenade/emitter section and lit non bladed grenade/emitter section
springloaded aqua aura quartz crystal chamber with custom brass chamber parts
2Watt speaker in pommel
Vintage Exactra bubblestrip

Tools Used:
9x20 Machine Lathe
Micro Milling machine
Various hand tools, taps, dies, etc.

Resource Websites for Parts, Wiring Diagrams, and general information:
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Step 1: Sketches, sketches and more sketches.

Picture of Sketches, sketches and more sketches.
First off, I need to decide what this saber will actually DO.  I want it to be a springloaded reveal, but I need to make sure very few if not none of my moving parts exceed the boundaries of the original prop.  I want it to look like the original prop as much as possible.  That means designing controls into it using the existing surface features in the design, and attempting not to introduce new visual elements.

Drawing these parts in cutaway view helps me prepare for the machining and construction of the project.

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milesduggan2 months ago


LittleArtist10 months ago
titaniumsack11 months ago
This is amazing! It's so beautiful!!
Slothfurnace (author)  inventionure1 year ago
Thank you so much!
wow... WOW! impressive hand drawings too!
Mathes32071 year ago
How much does it weigh?
brat boy191 year ago
How much would some one have to pay you for this beautiful work that you have created?
janafekin1 year ago
that is EPIC sooo cool
janafekin1 year ago
that is EPIC sooo cool
B-Beast101 year ago
How did you make the blade fade when it turns off?
The force is strong with you.
Whoa, I see why you won the grand prize - epic build
tech dawg1 year ago
that is amazing
bora20051 year ago
your so smart!

jr-berg1 year ago
amazing work, I never thought that serious detail
your attention to detail is absolutely astounding. Well done, sir.
neonix1 year ago
This is so beautifully well-done! Bravo!
scottsmith1 year ago
Wow! Amazing work. Totally a labour of love!
WOW! I think this may even look better than the actual light sabers in the movies!!!
RdbJrmd1 year ago
Fabulous work!
alaw11 year ago
Now, imagine is you attached on of those Arctic Laser Spyder III lasers from wicked lasers to the handle to make a real working light saber! It just would be bait dangerous.
I'm drooling
MrCafe1 year ago
I can only imagine the end cost of this seeing your parts list. But man great work, I have seen alot of builds ( over at customsaber forums) and this one in detail. That's amazing stuff. Keep of the great saber crafting.
TobyMobias1 year ago
@slifermobile: If you want a quicker build, I recommend the CR Tutorials episode on lightsabers :3
wow this is jaw droping
First i was like " OMG OMG OMG how to make my own lightsaber i am so making this " then i read the second sentence " It took me a year and a haalf to finish" then i was all like " Aint nobody got time fo dat " !!!
ryanmercer1 year ago
MonkiMan1 year ago
This is the epitome of awesomeness!
pjkumpon1 year ago
wow. This is crazy. Great job!
Tomdf1 year ago
Those concept drawings are so dang slick! You got my vote.
Nice job it looks awesome.
MaskMarvl1 year ago
Wow... amazing!
Mateo_1 year ago
Now the things I would do if it worked like in StarWars.... Great project well done!
mischka1 year ago
looks very professional!
ynze1 year ago
You're one fine propmaker! Very nice!
robojeron1 year ago
Damn fine job sir!!! This is awesome and may try to do this project some day.
benpic101 year ago
holy crap this must have taken some dedication
Reffner1 year ago
This is fantastic. I've been collecting original parts for my Obi ANH hilt for several years now. I would be proud to display this in my collection. Way to go!
urant1 year ago
Wow, even you sketches are beautiful!!
Wow, just wow!
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