Slotted Button Paracord Bracelet-Ladder Weaving 101





Introduction: Slotted Button Paracord Bracelet-Ladder Weaving 101

What better instructable than a photographic step-by-step on the ladderweave we all know and love? When combined with paracord, it is one of the Best Things Ever Invented.
As a  training project, you'll end up with  a nicely woven paracord bracelet, with a slotted button as a closure; I  have found this method a little nicer and smoother-looking than my paracord bracelet with a monkey fist as a closure device.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need your handy-dandy Paracord Construction Kit, to include:
Lighter or mini torch for melting raw ends
An awl, marlinspike or other pokey tool.
Sharp knife or scissors.

Step 2: The Weave.

For this instructable, I have uploaded a sequential series of pictures showing the "Alternations" ladder weaving method. As they say, a picture, is in fact, worth a thousand words.
Observe these pictures, Paracord Padawan!

Step 3: The Closure Loop and Finishing

The end of the bracelet has the loop which will hitch to the slotted button. I tied a very tight overhand knot to finish, then did a final test; if it fits too tightly, it is less than perfect, so I redid the entire thing. Once the length is verified, snip the ends and melt them into the final overhand knot, and you are done!
Now you are enroute to being a Paracord Jedi.



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    Pretty good tutorial however I still can't quite figure out how you got the slotted button on there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    did you use a military bdu button

    The button is off a Canadian Forces issue combat uniform not US Battle Dress

    Great idea. I like the button over the plastic buckles anyday. What kind of button is that and where can I get them? Also, how exactly did you tie the button off to the end of the bracelet? Thanks for the idea and for your service to our country.

    Yeah, you can't pinch yourself in the buckle.

    this deserves a lot more publicity,you made it the RIGHT way.