Step 2: The Weave.

For this instructable, I have uploaded a sequential series of pictures showing the "Alternations" ladder weaving method. As they say, a picture, is in fact, worth a thousand words.
Observe these pictures, Paracord Padawan!
Pretty good tutorial however I still can't quite figure out how you got the slotted button on there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
did you use a military bdu button
The button is off a Canadian Forces issue combat uniform not US Battle Dress
Great idea. I like the button over the plastic buckles anyday. What kind of button is that and where can I get them? Also, how exactly did you tie the button off to the end of the bracelet? Thanks for the idea and for your service to our country.
Yeah, you can't pinch yourself in the buckle. <br>
this deserves a lot more publicity,you made it the RIGHT way.

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