Slotted Button Paracord Bracelet-Ladder Weaving 101

Picture of Slotted Button Paracord Bracelet-Ladder Weaving 101
What better instructable than a photographic step-by-step on the ladderweave we all know and love? When combined with paracord, it is one of the Best Things Ever Invented.
As a  training project, you'll end up with  a nicely woven paracord bracelet, with a slotted button as a closure; I  have found this method a little nicer and smoother-looking than my paracord bracelet with a monkey fist as a closure device.
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
You will need your handy-dandy Paracord Construction Kit, to include:
Lighter or mini torch for melting raw ends
An awl, marlinspike or other pokey tool.
Sharp knife or scissors.

Step 2: The Weave.

For this instructable, I have uploaded a sequential series of pictures showing the "Alternations" ladder weaving method. As they say, a picture, is in fact, worth a thousand words.
Observe these pictures, Paracord Padawan!

Step 3: The Closure Loop and Finishing

Picture of The Closure Loop and Finishing
slotted button (5).JPG
The end of the bracelet has the loop which will hitch to the slotted button. I tied a very tight overhand knot to finish, then did a final test; if it fits too tightly, it is less than perfect, so I redid the entire thing. Once the length is verified, snip the ends and melt them into the final overhand knot, and you are done!
Now you are enroute to being a Paracord Jedi.