A requirement of my technology class we had to create a marine-themed costume only using cardboard. No glue, no tape or adhesive of any kind. Therefore we had to research different ways that we could put these costumes together. 

Design Brief: Create an oyster costume using cardboard and slotted construction.

Specifications:-Costume must resemble an oyster
                          -Costume must stay together
                          -Costume must be made of cardboard

                         1. Cardboard
                     -Material strength
                     -Construction methods
                          1. Slotted Construction

Step 1: Materials and Tool List

         S1. CARDBOARD- 3 4'x4' pieces

Tool and Equipment List:
         T1. CUTTING MAT-To prevent damage to floor/surface
         T2. UTILITY KNIFE-To cut out pieces of cardboard
         T3. RULER-To make straight lines and measure out correct lengths of pieces
         T4. PENCIL-To draw out lines that you will cut along

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