Slovak Smoked Sausage and Sauerkraut Soup (kapusta Polievka)





Introduction: Slovak Smoked Sausage and Sauerkraut Soup (kapusta Polievka)

Years and years ago when I spent my first christmas with my girlfriends parents, (her father is hungarian, her mother is slovak, she herself was born in bratislava slovakia,) her dad made sauerkraut soup.

I was dubious at first, but I'm ALWAYS game to try new ethnic food, and after a healthy dollop of sour cream, I dove in and fell in love with slovak/eastern european food with the first bite.

What follows is a quick guide on how to make slovak sour kraut soup. if you have never had it, you are in for a treat.



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    Odd but I can only see the introduction. Is there more that got removed or is it a pictorial only?

    three clicks total on the pictures gets you to the instructions

    you have to click on the picture again after it comes up in the slide show. The directions are still there.

    It seems as though my picture comments have been removed. Odd. i'll see about fixing it.

    Thanks, the soup looks awesome, I was so disappointed when I couldn't find any instructions.

    Where is the recipe? How much stock and when do you add sauerkraut. The pictures don't tell me anything. Please...I want to make this on Sunday.

    Kate711 - for some reason, when I wrote this, the instructions appeared on the pictures themselves. Click the little 'i' on the pictures and it will show my comments. You'll need about 2 quarts chicken stock!

    Hi. I'm from Slovakia and it is Kapustova polievka or Kapustnica no kapusta polievka.It is most delicious >D.

    Im slovak too. Je fajn ze tuto super stránku navštevujú aj slováci.