Step 3: Prepare the Beef

Grab the beef shoulder and cut it up into small pieces, trimming off fat and connective tissue. I made mine about half an inch. You can make them bigger or smaller - just be sure to adjust your cooking time. The bigger the pieces the chunkier it will be. I have prepared this cutting the pieces into quarter inch chunks. It took on closer to a ground beef consistency, but it takes longer to cut all those tiny pieces of meat. It was delicious though! 

Alternatively, you can buy stew meat that is already cut for you. I like to buy the shoulder because I am in control of how much fat, and how much connective tissue goes into my chili. 
Also: you can use any type of beef you want to use. I like to use muscle when I am slow cooking beef. It has more flavor, and because you are slow cooking it, you don't need the fat to make it tender. 
<p>Thank you for your Instructable</p><p>Nice job.</p><p>Rima</p>
<p>Great stuff! I've made it twice. Sensational flavor, but make no mistake it's pretty warm (spicy)! I peeled and seeded the peppers with my bare hands and actually got a bit of a chemical burn. Small price to pay for such a great chili.</p>
<p>I am super happy that you made it and liked it! I'm starting to wonder if I have a high tolerance for spicy peppers??? :-) </p>
<p>Perhaps but I've read that some peppers vary in their intensity even within their particular variety. I will always make this for myself but might eliminate the hotter peppers to make some chili for my grandchildren. This is so much cooler than making it from canned goods and prepared spices! Thanks again.</p>
<p>I made it! It's a bit spicy so I'm serving it on rice. Very tasty! :D</p>
<p>Yay! I love it on rice too! Great photo!!</p>
<p>Proper chile con carne! Beautiful!</p>
<p>Thank You! </p>
<p>Looks great! Is that about a pound of meat?</p>
<p>Thank You! The beef shoulder was about 3.5 poundss. </p>

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