Step 6: Presentation

Picture of Presentation
You can just eat this soup as is, which is okay if your lunchroom doesn't have a toaster oven or blowtorch.  But this is the way it is Done.  This is where you impress in-laws and possible significant others.

First things first, set your soup on the stove top to get nice and hot again.  You may want to keep the heat low since you are going to be doing other things for a few minutes.

Take your baguette and slice it into... slices I guess.  Shoot for about 3/4 in slices or 2 cm (and I know that's not a correct conversion).  If you're wise, you'll do this yesterday when you made the soup.  But I include the step here because you'll want to give the slices a little toasty-toasty.  If you've a toaster oven, that's easy as can be.  Otherwise, set them on a baking tray and toast them in the oven at 350.  If you sliced yesterday,  your bread will already be a bit hard so this will be a quicker process.  I only toast one side, but you can do whatever you like.  Once the slices are out of the oven, turn on the broiler and get one of the racks about 6 inches from it (this is also a good toaster oven application).

EASY MAKING TIP:  Prep your crocks now.  Put them on a baking sheet.  This will make your life easier.

Once the soup is heated thoroughly ladle it out into your crocks.  Leave a little room at the top so you can float the croutons on the top.  I like to arrange the bread so there is not a lot of space left for soup to be seen.  This is when you'll sprinkle your fancy cheese which I am very jealous of all over the top.  I will sprinkle my mozzarella from the sack on it.

Slide the baking sheet into the oven and broil for three to ten minutes.  Check this every few minutes because different cheeses can melt at different rates.  You're shooting for a bubbly brown cheesy top.  I prefer a toaster oven for this, actually, but they don't all have a broil function.  If you've got it, it's a lot easier to keep an eye on the crocks.