Introduction: Slow Motion Tricks in Reverse Video

I bet you've seen a lot of slow motion video. It's usually used on these sceneries: sports, animals,water and eating. But i think that is too mainstream. I'd like to introduce you a new way to do slow motion. Let me show you how! More info.

Step 1: Prepare Scraps of Paper

Picture of Prepare Scraps of Paper

Shred some waste paper !

Step 2: Shoot Some Footages

Picture of Shoot Some Footages

Simply use the iPhone slow motion camera to shoot some footages.

Step 3: Slow the Speed and Reverse

Picture of Slow the Speed and Reverse

Adjust the speed and then it turns out to be a slow motion video. Finally, reverse it.

Simple as it is right? Sometimes, the combination of two more effects can bring about more creativity. So think about that, leave us a comment if you come up with a whole story with the use of multiple video effects. And it's simple to make that video like a pro with Filmora. Just click the here for a free trial. Hope you enjoy it!


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