This a very slow roller coaster,  58 secondes to go all around..    Sorry, no instructions....This is my first posting......


<p>This looks neat with all the wooden-style supports, nice job!</p>
<p>That is pretty cool! It also looks very 'clean'. Great job!</p>
How in the world do you make it
<p>With a lot a parts. patience, many hours. The secret is to make some curve at 90 degres see picture number 10, using a lot of flex rod. </p>
<p>Wow, That's very big!! Wil you make a vid?</p>
<p>Wow! You have to make a vid!</p>
<p>Looking nice, but a vid would be awesome :D</p>
Missed opportunity to call this the Slowlercoaster
Ooo video please! Any chance you kept count as to how many pieces this took?
<p>Probably over 20,000, I will try to post a video tomorrow...</p>
<p>That's one big coaster! Can you make a vid?</p>

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