Introduction: Small Black Panther Statue

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Make an easy clay sculpture of black panther. Pleas vote for this instructables in the heroes and villains contest and thank you.

Step 1: You Will Need:

Picture of You Will Need:

•Hot glue gun
•black sculpey iii clay

Step 2: Clay

Picture of Clay

Cut 1/8 of one clay bar.

Step 3: Begin Head

Picture of Begin Head

Roll the piece of clay into a ball and slightly squeeze sides of face.

Step 4: Ears and Nose

Picture of Ears and Nose

Use your finger nail to make a nose by pushing the clay up. Make the ears by pinching the top sides of his head. This may be difficult because they are quite small.

Step 5: Eyes

Picture of Eyes

Use a toothpick to dent spaces for the eyes.
Optional: add designs on the face from the ears to nose.

Step 6: Begin Torso

Picture of Begin Torso

Cut 1/7 of the remaining clay off. Begin making rounded to shape as shown.

Step 7: Neck

Picture of Neck

Begin the neck by pinching and pulling on the back of the torso. Add neck mussels by attaching two small pieces of clay to the sides of the neck.

Step 8: Necklace

Picture of Necklace

Roll out a thin piece of clay and rap around neck. Add spikes with a toothpick by dragging it out from the middle of the necklace.

Step 9: Getting Ready to Bake

Picture of Getting Ready to Bake

Take a small piece of clay and make it into a thin square by cutting it.

Step 10: Bake

Picture of Bake

Bake for 30 minutes at 275°F

Step 11: Texture

Picture of Texture

Paint the clay with black water color for extra texture.

Step 12: Eye Paint

Picture of Eye Paint

Use a toothpick to paint the eyes white.

Step 13: Necklace Paint

Picture of Necklace Paint

Paint the necklace with white paint using a toothpick to avoid messing up the rest of the character.

Step 14: Stand

Picture of Stand

Glue the statue to its base and paint it black.

Step 15: Your Done

Picture of Your Done

Enjoy this small statue and vote for this instructables in the heroes and villains contest.


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