This small kart was designed by us three students in our Engineering Class. We hope you enjoy our step by step tutorial on how to build this slick, unique solar capacitor kart!  

Step 1: Basic Cart Overview ~ Pre-building

Our cart is unique, sleek and is designed to win. We took the best features from some of the speediest two wheel vehicles and combined it with the shape of a canoe. Our cart is made out of ABS-plastic to ensure a light chassis; we also used a copper axel with custom black wheels. Our chassis is approximately 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Our custom black wheels are near 1.48 inches in diameter with 5 quarter inch spokes. We have only one motor with a rated RPM at nearly 12200. The average amp draw waves between a fraction of an amp to nearly 2.2 at stall. The rated volt operation is about 6 volts, and our capacitor (.pfd file below) will hold 6 volts and will operate the motor for nearly 1 minute and 10 seconds. Our cart is going to be designed with direct drive and will operate on the back wheel. On both sides of our chassis is stabilizing pins that have wax paper attached to attain a low coefficient of friction to reduce drag when the cart is getting started. As the cart speeds up it will stabilize and keep from tipping to one of the training pins.
Each and every part will have a separate slide with a picture giving dimensions and material also if we can supply a link to the product we will do our best to do so.

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