Step 6: Attatching the ring to the coin

Mix up your Epoxy, and put a little on the side of the coin without the paper.

Then put the part of the ring with the cut ends into the epoxy. Make sure it's not crooked, then leave it to dry.
Yes! Finally a good use for all those totally useless 1 cent euro! Thank you! I'll try this as soon as possible.
Thanks! I'm so glad you like it! If you do make one, it would be awesome if you could post a picture!
I have to find the diamond glaze you talked about. Then I'll try to solder the bail or drill a hole in it, to make some pendant. First tries, from the left: the useless coin, wrong glue, nail polish:<br>
That's terrific, and will give me something to do with my old European coins (which won't get paper), and my two bottles of Diamond Glaze, which are gathering dust on the craft shelf. Thank you so much!
It would be really cool without paper! I'm glad you like it! Thanks!
What a simple &amp; BRILLIANT idea!
Thank you very much!
Whoa, so simple and clever. I love it!
Thank you so much!
That is so clever, what a great idea. (I see from your coins that you are a fellow Canadian).
Yes indeed! Thank you!

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