Picture of Small Corner/End Table
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This is a two shelf 3 leg table I built. I am going to put it next to my couch as an end table.

Basic Hand tools
Table saw
Pin nailer
Stain of your choice

3/4 x 2 strip of oak
5/8 plywood
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Step 1: Cutting Your Material

Picture of Cutting Your Material
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13, 16:10.jpg
13, 16:10.jpg
13, 16:10.jpg
13, 16:10.jpg
13, 16:10.jpg
13, 16:10.jpg
Ok you need to cut your legs at an 8 degree angle on the bottom and then cut your length at 27 1/2 inches

Then cut 2 squares. One 15 inches and one at 8 inches

Then mark the center of one side and use a straight edge to 2 corners making a triangle.

Then you come 2 1/2 inches on the small sides make a mark and square cut it. Then on the big tip just measure down to whatever looks ovoid and square cut it. I don't remember but my big point was cut down to. For your big shelf you add one inch on your square cuts.

Step 2: Making Your Notches

Picture of Making Your Notches
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13, 16:11.jpg
13, 16:11.jpg
Ok your first shelf will be 7 inches from the feet and the second shelf is at your preference.

Mark your 7 inches then use a cut off of your 5/8 ply to mark the other side so you know how wide to run through your saw. Your going to cut each notch at 8 degrees also make sure your angles run the same as your legs.Then set up a jig to run through your saw. Then clean up your cuts with a file or whatever.

Step 3: Sand It

Picture of Sand It
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Your going to sand everything real nice before you assemble because it would be a pain to sand it assembled. Make sure you sand everything real smooth and round your corners giving it some character.

taylorfain2009 (author) 1 year ago
Thank you for the nice words! And i almost made mine at 90 but I wanted a little more character than a flat table. But as you can see in the pic I'm a little bit off. That irritated me but it still turned out all right
Fantastic job i will definitely have to make one! I`m just a beginner, but you`re steps are pretty rich in detail so I think i will be able to build this, keep making more Instructables!
Nice job! Those angled joins are hard. I made a similar table but kept the joins at 90.
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