Step 3: The Water Pumping System

Picture of The Water Pumping System
The most vital part of the system is the pump. My pump is rated at 180 GPH but since I'm pumping the water up about 2 feet that falls off somewhat . Even with the lower rate it is still to much for my purposes but I put it to use. First I attached the pump to a small paver stone using zip ties to keep it pretty much where i put it in the fish tank. Then comes 1/2" diameter irrigation tubing running from the motor to a barbed tee fitting. To this I attached a small piece of irrigation tubing and a threaded adapter so I could screw on a ball valve. This allows me to divert some of the water flow from the grow bed to the tank adding aeration to the water as well as water movement. To the other barb i attached a longer section of irrigation tubing a threaded adapter a ball valve another threaded adapter more irrigation tubing and a 90 degree elbow fitting. This is for pumping the water into the grow bed. The ball valve is to control the flow of water into the grow bed which is very important for the proper functioning of the siphon.
DwayneM17 months ago

what kind of plastic bin did you use?