Introduction: Small Duct Tape and Foam Boat

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Step 1: Parts

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You will need to find a foam block and 4 water bottles then you can add whatever you want

Step 2: Building

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First get a block of foam and tape 4 water bottles to it so it will float

Step 3: Decorating

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Once you've done that you have a boat and if you want to you can decorate it for example I added a anchor I used a para cord monkey fist (if you do not know what a monkey fist is you can google monkey fist it is a type of knot)and I added a shoe box I also added a sail which you can use as a motor and I have a fan as another motor I used some tooth picks and other stuff to decorate it they will also keep your boat from getting stuck on the bank i used some card board tubes from wrapping paper so it looks like a steam boat


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