Small Easy Knex gun with magazine for 8-12 BB balls, can also shoot paper or pencils

Picture of Small Easy Knex gun with magazine for 8-12 BB balls, can also shoot paper or pencils
This is my first instructable, this is my Knex gun with magazine! Has space for 8-12 BB balls and can also shoot paper balls/small thingeys and pencils. Very useful in classroom! :p

Step 1: Parts

Picture of parts
You'll need this parts for your Knex gun;

5 yellow bars
5 blue bars
2 white bars
6 green bars (small ones)
1 orange piece
4 red pieces
6 blue rings
2 white parts
6 grey parts
10 dark grey pieces

1 or 2 rubber bands (I used 1 because when you use 2 the chance is that the pin will also fly out of the barrel that's dangerous (or use better connections between pin and bands))

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sfeingold3 years ago

jjdp1234 years ago
it works great
(it can also shoot the small green rods
barfingdog4 years ago
llright I really dont understand this
gunmanx8 years ago
make this clearer plz
babbie (author)  gunmanx8 years ago
yeah i'm sorry in a few days I will fix this.
Metalbox babbie4 years ago
you still have not fixed it :,(
slithien4 years ago
I might just buy a propper bb gun of amazon, i saw one with a detatchable lazer for only £6.33 with free postage and comes with 30 6mm bullets, if my parents let me witch is unlikly.
knexhater8 years ago
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tacowolf5 years ago
mine keeps fireing the pin. how i fix tat?
tape the grey piece to the yellow piece
knexpro78 years ago
this step akes no sense i means its glary and i can't tell if its reds or whites or gray pieces. plz clarify
zap89 knexpro75 years ago
dude your name makes no sense... Your name states that u r a 'knex pro' but you clearly arent. If you look at the piece requirement, it clearly says: 1 white bar 1 red piece 2 grey parts. On the other steps, this guy calls the grey pieces with two joints; Grey part. Lastly: THE PICTURE COULDN'T BE MORE CLEAR!!!
its a white rod 2 2clip peices and a 3clip red right angle if that helps :)
zap895 years ago
sweet gun m8. I took off the handle and some other uneccessary bits, then fixed the gun into some guys m4 that didn't work (as an internal part). so now it's kind of like a springer. this ALSo means that I can make th firing pin a long grey rod, and now shoots 298 fps!!! GREAT LITTLE THING A MUST BUILD!!
knexpro78 years ago
this pic rocks!!!!!!!!!!! it tells you what pieces and shows you this is a real instructable!
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