Introduction: Small Easy Knex Gun With Magazine for 8-12 BB Balls, Can Also Shoot Paper or Pencils

This is my first instructable, this is my Knex gun with magazine! Has space for 8-12 BB balls and can also shoot paper balls/small thingeys and pencils. Very useful in classroom! :p

Step 1: Parts

You'll need this parts for your Knex gun;

5 yellow bars
5 blue bars
2 white bars
6 green bars (small ones)
1 orange piece
4 red pieces
6 blue rings
2 white parts
6 grey parts
10 dark grey pieces

1 or 2 rubber bands (I used 1 because when you use 2 the chance is that the pin will also fly out of the barrel that's dangerous (or use better connections between pin and bands))

Step 2: Trigger & Main Part

take 2 yellow bars, 3 red pieces, 1 blue bar, 1 green piece, the orange piece and 2 blue rings

attach the pieces like this:

Step 3: Magazine

This will be the magazine. Take 2 blue rings, 2 white parts and a grey part. (not the dark grey part)

(it's hard to see, but the grey part is between the 2 blue pieces to stop the balls from falling down. But make sure it's on the good side or else the magazine won't close and balls will shoot to all directions.)

Step 4: Magazine 2

the other parts of the magazine....

take 2 blue bars (that's all!)

attach like this:

Step 5: Magazine 3

this is for closing the magazine

1 blue bar
1 grey part
1 dark grey part
1 green piece

make this and put it together with the rest:

Step 6: Magazine 4

again other parts for the magazine:

1 white bar
1 red piece
2 grey parts

attach and put together with the rest: (watch the side where you put this thing on! Has to be on the side of the trigger)

Step 7: Magazine 5

sorry I forget the other step:

now it will become easy take the part you've made in the previous step and attach like this:

then put 2 green pieces between the grey and the white part:

Step 8: Parts for Better Aiming and Decoration

take 2 dark grey pieces and 2 blue rings and make this: (I don't know how to explain this just see the picture: just attach the dark grey pieces to the yellow bars so it will look nice:

Step 9: Handle

this is the handle also easy:

2 yellow bars, 2 dark grey parts and 1 blue bar:

Step 10: Pin & Rubber Band

now this is final: make the trigger just put a dark grey and a yellow bar together and insert it in the gun:

Step 11: Loading & Firing

see pictures: pull the pin, and pull the trigger to fire! If you want to shoot paper balls or pencils just pull back the pin, insert the things you want to shoot in the barrel and fire.


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jjdp123 made it! (author)2011-03-19

it works great
(it can also shoot the small green rods

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llright I really dont understand this

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make this clearer plz

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yeah i'm sorry in a few days I will fix this.

Metalbox made it! (author)Metalbox2011-01-20

you still have not fixed it :,(

slithien made it! (author)2010-10-19

I might just buy a propper bb gun of amazon, i saw one with a detatchable lazer for only £6.33 with free postage and comes with 30 6mm bullets, if my parents let me witch is unlikly.

knexhater made it! (author)2007-01-27

kenx are dumb

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Your dumb, they took the time to make something that is easy and interesting and the only thing you can do is flame it...and you didn't even spell knex right, I mean the word is in your damn name...come on!!!

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knex are not dumb as they do not posses any intelligence to begin with... kids that post these annoying instrucables are dumb... someone should start a "" site for all this stuff

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Lol im going to search for that site right now ans see if anything comes up, nopr nothig came up

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i'll get to it right away

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of course KENX are dumb but KNEX are awesome

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lol FAIL

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then why are you here?

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Please don't flame.

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ur dumb

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more like a poophole

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mine keeps fireing the pin. how i fix tat?

iloveemogirls made it! (author)iloveemogirls2010-05-22

tape the grey piece to the yellow piece

knexpro7 made it! (author)2007-04-06

this step akes no sense i means its glary and i can't tell if its reds or whites or gray pieces. plz clarify

zap89 made it! (author)zap892009-09-11

dude your name makes no sense... Your name states that u r a 'knex pro' but you clearly arent. If you look at the piece requirement, it clearly says: 1 white bar 1 red piece 2 grey parts. On the other steps, this guy calls the grey pieces with two joints; Grey part. Lastly: THE PICTURE COULDN'T BE MORE CLEAR!!!

freerunnin1 made it! (author)freerunnin12008-11-22

its a white rod 2 2clip peices and a 3clip red right angle if that helps :)

zap89 made it! (author)2009-09-10

sweet gun m8. I took off the handle and some other uneccessary bits, then fixed the gun into some guys m4 that didn't work (as an internal part). so now it's kind of like a springer. this ALSo means that I can make th firing pin a long grey rod, and now shoots 298 fps!!! GREAT LITTLE THING A MUST BUILD!!

knexpro7 made it! (author)2007-04-06

this pic rocks!!!!!!!!!!! it tells you what pieces and shows you this is a real instructable!

usaeagle09 made it! (author)usaeagle092009-05-17

4 real

Geemo5 made it! (author)2008-09-13

a nice gun i made a few mods & now it shoots 6mm slugs about 50 metres (hurts a lot) =]

thomaswatton made it! (author)thomaswatton2009-05-03

i doubt it shoots that far when its a firing pin gun AT MOST 10-15 metres

sharlston made it! (author)sharlston2009-04-26

what are slugs?

Habacuc made it! (author)Habacuc2008-10-13

Maybe u can post picture or make an instructable for your mods? If u do, plz tell me ;)

djsandra made it! (author)2009-04-17

what is the "trigger" built at the beginning for?

lowe made it! (author)lowe2009-04-23

isnt that more of a hopper than a mag?

SuPaDOoD made it! (author)2009-04-17

you left out the white rod in the materials for this step.

babbie made it! (author)2007-01-29

pens when you pull the pen out of a pencil or somehthing like that or just paper balls also woks nice :p

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