Easy to make fish trap
1liter bottle
Put chicken inside for bait
Catch on then you can Make the same one with a 5liter bottle and put the small fish in the bigger trap to attract the big guys
Enough talk lets trap some fish!

Step 1: Gather Items

1 litre water



String 4m (10ft)

Step 2: Cut Top Off

Cut the tip off so it is a straight cylinder

Step 3: Make the Top Pointy

Cut little triangles out making it easy for the fish to get in and not out

Step 4: Make Holes

With knife make two small small holes at the bottom for water to get in
Two at the top to add string

Step 5: Vote in Contests!

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what comes in a round 5l bottle?
Im not sure but the store where I live sells water for 5l
The tape is to tape the top on to the bottle
I like this...what is tape for..

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