Picture of Small Foods On A Stick
I will show you how to make a small food ferris wheel made from just skewers & a bottle cap!
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Step 1: Ingredients

1 bottle cap
1 big skewer
2 to 12 smaller or same size�epending on size of bottle cap & whatever design you want)
Drill, dremel, or something sharp
Hot glue gun
Not much time

Step 4: Put Stuff On There

Picture of Put Stuff On There
Put any bite-sized thing you like on there. I put on 1 cantalope piece (I grew it straight from my garden), 4 figs from my fig tree, 2 pineapple pieces, & 2 cherries.

Step 5: Done!


Sticky victory! Vote for me on Stuff On A Stick Contest! Enjoy!

canida4 years ago
Wow, that's over the top.
Is this intended to hold food just for you, or to share with friends?
CrayfishYAY (author)  canida22 days ago

Either or. Now that I look back on it, I should have made the "spokes" shorter. If I did that, I'd be able to hold more food on there without the skewers sagging to the floor.

ilikepie=)4 years ago
That is so awesome it looks like a ride from the amusment park
CrayfishYAY (author)  ilikepie=)4 years ago
Thank you! I made it where it looks like a horizontal ferris wheel.