Small Greenhouse for Plantations on Euro Pallets





Introduction: Small Greenhouse for Plantations on Euro Pallets

Winter is coming and in order to get some lettuces during the winter I created this greenhouse for my plantation boxes.

I hope you will enjoy this instructables this is the first of mine. Please provide feedback :)

I did some measures to observe the difference of temperature inside and outside the greenhouse (third picture) and as you can see it seems pretty good.

Note: the measure were done with the greenhouse totally closed.

Step 1: Required Material


  • 2x wood 80cm
  • 2x wood 111.5cm
  • 4x angles (alloy)
  • 1x box - screws 4.0x30mm
  • 1x plastic tube (10 - 15 meters)
  • 1x plastic film

Here are the links to the products I bought:

pipes for lanes

pipes for arcs

plastic film


Step 2: Prepare 4 Stuck of Wood

You need to get 4 pieces of wood.

  • 2x 80cm
  • 2x 111.5cm

Step 3: Fix the Wood Parts Together With Angles

Simply rely the four parts together with 4 angles and screws.

In order to obtain something flat I recommend to do it on the floor (not vertically) that way you are sure (assuming your floor is flat.)

Step 4: Perfore 6 Holes in the Wood

In order to introduce the tubes we need to perfore 6 holes.

1 on each corner and 2 in the middle of the longest parts of wood.

Step 5: Cut 3 Arcs

Cut 3 arcs of the same length in the plastic tube.

I used some tubes quite flexible take care when you buy yours that they are enough flexible

Step 6: Place the Tubes Into the Holes

Step 7: Fix Theses Arcs

With a screw fix the arcs simply by perforing the wood and then the tube will be like attracted to the exterior of the wood.

Step 8: Perfore the Top of Each Arc

Then you need to perfore the top of each arc that way we can attach the rest of the structure and we get sure it is not going to move.

Step 9: Prepare 3 Tubes

You can cut 3 tubes of the same length.

All of them have to measure 117cm.

Step 10: Perfore Extremities of the Tubes

Perfore each extremity of each of the tree tubes.

Step 11: Fix the Top Tube

Use the small holes we did earlier to fix all of it.

Step 12: Fix the Two Other Tubes

Exactly like previous step

Step 13: Plastify

This part is the most difficult. In order to get good looking results you need to go slowly and carefully.

Step 14: Optional 1: Make It Adjustable

If you put these 2 peaces you can quite easily make it really convenient.

I prefere this variant because you can really simply open the greenhouse without efforts.

Step 15: Optional 2: Cut Some Windows in the House

If like me in this situation you want to simply have some windows to put your hands on you can easily cut some "doors" into the plastic.

I don't know how it will support winter but I guess it's not optimal.

(Open to suggestions)



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    Very nice. I like the hinges.

    Thank you for your support :)

    Great idea! I really like all the good, clear, pictures. Thank you.

    Thank you for your support :)

    Great Instructable! I have a question though. Is the plastic pipe regular PVC? One suggestion as well, you might consider using UV resistant zip ties (usually black). Regular zip ties last about 1 year in direct sunlight.

    Hi again I added the links to the plastic pipes description

    Hi Cheiron thank you :)

    I used two types of plastic pipe basically. One is formable (keep the form I give him). And for the lines one I used long plastic tubes.

    All of these are used in electric systems.

    I will add the link to my local shop products so that you can find some more informations about the products. ( I hope they are also in english :/ )

    Great first instructable! This looks like a perfect little greenhouse. Well done :)