Small Horizontal Panel Saw (design Idea)


Introduction: Small Horizontal Panel Saw (design Idea)

This small panel saw is one of my favourite tools since many years to cut balsa and ply wood for my control-line models.
I'm convinced you have enough experience to build one without a step by step instruction, if you like to have such a saw.

Material List:
2 x Alu Tube dia. 10mm, length 500mm
Ply wood 3mm and 10mm
1 x 12 VDC Motor dia.~28mm (or even better a brushless inrunner motor)
1 x RC-Prop Adapter for motor shaft, slightly modified (see picture)
Saw Blade for Proxxon KS230, select suitable type for material you want to cut.



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    This is a cool little saw. Looks very useful!