A small K'Nex gun that can get some pretty good distance depending on how many rubber bands you put on it.

Step 1: Make the Handle

Create the handle shown below

Step 2: Make the Slider and Sight

The sight is not a novelty it is to strengthen the over-all gun

Step 3: Make the Front Part of the Barrel

Make the front half of the barrel

Step 4: Make the Trigger and End Parts

Make the trigger and end parts

Step 5: Build the Rear Half of the Barrel

Make the rear half of the barrel.

Step 6: Put Together the Front and Rear Halves of the Barrel

Put together the front and rear halves of the barrel.

Step 7: Add the Handle

Add the handle for holding the gun with

Step 8: Add the Trigger

Put the trigger on the gun

Step 9: Add the Sight

Add the sight

Step 10: Add the Slider

Add the slider that fires the K'Nex

Step 11: Add the End Piece

Add the end piece to stop the slider from falling off

Step 12: Add Rubber Bands

I thought that I would leave it up to you to decide where to place the rubber bands to get the best performance but the end of the rubber band must stretch from the orange piece on the slider forwards
Looks good I'm on an iPod and you should try a ak74u as experiment with a small green parts shooting
<em>Coming soon:</em><br/><br/><strong>D-17</strong><br/>
It's been <strong>3 years</strong>, you gonna post or what?
inside mag sweet
sick. does it got a mag?
Could you post a parts list for this one? I don't have many parts to spare at the moment, and I need to see if I have enough to build this.
ty for this ive been looking 4 a easy knex gun 4 ages!
Are we trying to have one K'nex gun per person on the planet? Seriously, cut it out. We <strong>all</strong> know how to make a damned K'nex gun.<br/>
well most of the designs are difrent, like just a solid pistol, people have made gatling guns, automatic feed, sniper, and want to post it
very true. if it wasnt for the variety i would have become uninterested. right now i think i have 4 guns, a killerk style pistol, a moddified killerk magnum, a rubber band revolver, and last my fun chainfed machine gun.
i now have these: My K.B.K (Knex Bug Killer) My Scorpion 360 C.D.M (Critical Demelition Mass) (not yet posted, should i post?) My H.A.W.C (Highly Accurate War Crossbow) All own design
well said
please list the parts needed to make it
Sorry for not replying for so long guys, Truth is I forgot about this alltogether, I will be posting a vastly improved version of the D-17 (The D21 MKII) in a couple of days. I will also be posting a D-4 ( High powered, single-shot pistol)
Guys...<br/>I think he's doing <em>it</em> again....<br/>
does the d-17 have a trigger?
Hi guys! sorry for being offline for such a long period (I was living with my father for a while) The d17 has undergone much improvment and i will be posting it soon.
Really? I have made it and will post it for you if you dont, because its Really Good!
what is the ammo??? and is this a block trigger???
Please post d-17 pleassssssssssssssssssssssse !!!!!
please post the d-17 p.s. please
can u post er gun pls
wow this gun is rely good im just moddeding it im making longer barrel and better handle cant w8 till ur d-17 looks good keep up the good work stephen
on step 5 how are the rear and front of the barrel attached???? please help
I found this video a few years ago... thought you should see it... I'm surprised I found it so easily...<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOFcVg923ws">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOFcVg923ws</a><br/>
oh and the instructable link too...<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-K_nexecutioner-1.02/">https://www.instructables.com/id/The-K_nexecutioner-1.02/</a><br/>
Feel free to mod this gun - so long as you mention that the initial design was by me.
the gun is ok
my gun lookes lush now thxs
whats the ammo
how do put the rubberbands in
I made gorkem crossbow a pmp action knex gun and this! they are all great only if i had more pieces....
i like it, i straped a led light to it and another plus, all the killerk atachements work for it
hi this a a very good k-nex gun but there is one problem, if i wunt to put BB pelets in it thay ceep falling out. if you fine a way to stop that please E-mail me at sameer-sohal@hotmail.co.uk thanck you
did u know that knex guns only have 215 instuctables, while this site has in total 4,515 instuctables, thats less than 5%
what is the max.distance this gun goes?
nice gun, but the trigger is a bit too weak is there any other way to make a sronger trigger?
The handle and trigger are very flimsy and weak but the slide at the back is cool.
wow kinda cool i made it umm 7/10
im gonna make this tonight when i get back
oh and also ill be posting my first knex gun (not the first ive made) either tonight or tommorrow
I'm getting tired of seeing knex guns, ways to steal from soda machines, or how to make fuses/explosives every 5 minutes...
Pretty cool!
'Tis Neice. I like.

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