Small, concealable K'nex pistol. Holds 7 white rods, true trigger (based off of iPod Killer's). Needs a bit of work on the handle but fits the bill if your K'nex gun collection needs a few small arms.

Step 1: Construct the Handle

1) Make two of these, but only one of them with the extra gray connector
2) Make these
3) Make this
4) Assemble the parts made in the last 3 steps
5) Alternate view of finished handle.

Step 2: Construct the Ram

Pretty simple.

Step 3: Construct the Hopper

1) Make both of these
2) Assemble these two sections
3) Make this
4) Make this
5) Add these parts to the hopper NOTE::The green rod should be on the inside
6) Insert the ram onto the gray rods with the yellow rod going into the lower section of the hopper

Step 4: Final Assembly

It should look something like this

Step 5: How to Attach the Rubber Bands

1) This rubber band gives the trigger a solid feel. It might not be strong enough to block the ram, but it works fine for me
2) You can add more rubber bands. Also the black piece can be switched with a gray connector if you thread the bands through the hole.

Step 6: Happy Shooting!

i was able to put more than 7 white rods in the hole thing that gets shoot out
 cool nice job :)
it realy is :D<br />
could be modified to a small pump gun.
It's not so small dude... I've seen smaller guns with better hoppers
This weapon is rubbish and, worst of all, is NOT SMALL OR CONCEALABLE!
nice but this isnt a true triger
Are you kidding. This is true trigger. Yes it is blocked but it is integrated so you pull a trigger not push down the block. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this is sear
not a sear at all!
Sorry I was stupid 4 months ago
its ok. i was stupid onec to.
That speaks for itself :P I'm joking. Dsman195276 is highly intellectual.
Never mind it's not sear
my pistol is a block trigger, but the block is right where my thumb goes anyway
it is true trigger. a block trigger is you that pushes the block out the way. or a mechanismwhich pulles the block down , that is a true trigger.
*note*this is a bit big isnt it?
Why thank u
did you get you name from timesplitters 2?
How do u shoot? TY
This step is really hard for me! Any tips???
i am going to makes this in to a slide top gun with a hopper.
i put a +1 becuz of the true trigger and a new pistol ive ever seen before lol...but lets get to the point here. great gun of course ummmm lets see if i can find anything negative o wait i cant gosh darn it!
lol same here
PrEtTy cool not bad..... atleast its not a block trigger...
Sweet!! Not a KILLERK copy!!! +1
i love the idea
this is pretty cool! mine shoots only 15 ft but I used the next size up rod from the small white/gray ones because they load easier.
gah! this thing is col but its realy weak ...
Pretty cool, I like it.
easyly converatble into a shotgun! i like it
pretty cool i might build
lol concealable!its knex! you could just have the pieces in your pocket then build it when you need it.
is it powerful???
looks OK. second comment

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