Introduction: Small Knex Catapult

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Well, this is my Knex catapult. It's pretty small, but also extremely simple. Great for bombarding toy soldiers, sand castles, ect. (I did not see this design anywhere, so if it looks simiar to someone's, sorry.)

Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces

The pieces you'll need are:

1 Grey/Black
4 Reds
5 Yellows
3 Blues
7 Whites

1 Snowflake (White)
2 Red
2 Yellow
4 Purple "3d pieces"
4 Blue "3d pieces"
1 Grey

4 Light Blue rings
2 Grey rings
2 Tan Prong clippy things (see pic.)
2-4 Rubber bands

Step 2: Make the Base P.1

Picture of Make the Base P.1

Connect to yellow rods to the 0 and 180 degree spots (Both ends) of a yellow connector. Repeat, and attatch the two with a blue rod.

Step 3: The Rest of the Base

Picture of The Rest of the Base

Now, get all the Blue and Purple 3d connectors. Attach a Blue to a Purple, so it has a flat base, repeat for the rest of them. Then, attach onto the ends of the Base, so the Purples line up with the Yellows. (See Pic.) Attach a side with one of the remaining Blues, so the Blue rods are parallel.

Step 4: The Base of the Arm

Picture of The Base of the Arm

This is the part that you will evantualy attach the arm to. Put, in this order, a Blue Ring, a Blue Ring, a Grey Ring, a Grey Connector, a Grey Ring, a Blue Ring, and a Blue Ring. Attach this to the other end.

Step 5: Going Up

Picture of Going Up

Attach the four Red Rods (say That ten times fast!) to the four corners, then attach each pair together with a Red Connector.

Step 6: With an Insane Amountof Unimagination, Step 6

Picture of With an Insane Amountof Unimagination, Step 6

Attach the two Tan things back to back in approximately the middle of the remaining Yellow Rod. Then stick this contraption through the two holes in the two Red Connectors.

Step 7: The Arm

Picture of The Arm

The Sling-ey part.
take the Snowflake and attach all seven White Rods. Attach this to the Gray Rod. You noow have an Arm. Attach the Arm to the Gray Connector.

Step 8: Finally, the Final Step!

Picture of Finally, the Final Step!

Almost Done! Now attach rubber bands to the back of the Arm (The Hand?) and the Tan Prongs. Then attach a rubber band to the Red Connectors to keep them in place. You're done! Pull down on the "Hand" and let go to fire! Bombard your Army Men's Forts! Lay seige to a Castle! Scare the living out of your cat! Have Fun!


twobytwo (author)2010-07-21


user1997 (author)2010-02-24

tkx used this design modded for a sci fair = ]

therandomperson (author)2008-07-27

i made that with 1 picture :P

matrix828 (author)2008-05-20

i'm gunna post an instructable like that, so if it looks like i copied u, i didnt, u just inspired me to make summin! thnx | | \_/

pls (author)2008-04-16

looks like a real one:o!

knexguru (author)2008-04-09


bowmasterz (author)2008-03-20

how do u get the icon next 2 your name??? please reply im new!!

Don't worry, I took me a while too. First upload an image.

dsman195276 (author)2008-01-31

ok for your first knex gun type thing.


lol thanks.

what is the pic from?

i made it.

buterSBob29 (author)2008-02-01

this looks awesome i might just build this on my spare time!

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-01-31

Hey, almost finished with a knex mouse trap (should actually trap mice, but i haven't tried it for there our no mice in my house, just bats, which are in the attic.


Yeah, takes like 20 pieces. It locks in place with a break mechanism, then, when wait is applied on the "trigger" the break... well, um breaks... and it closes.

You should post it!

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-31

Cool. Pictures are a bit blurry, but I get the idea, very easy to do. I might try this. Maybe make a HUGE one. ;-)

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