Easy... throw it and done, these kind of grenades are easy to find on instructables but just did find one with orange pieces on it =D

Step 1: Grenade =D

First take 2 of these.
Then just clip them in eachother
Then slide an orange weird thing in it
then put more on it
and more =D

Step 2: Finished!

Finished, if you did it well the orange pieces should blow up every where, when you throw it
dude, your not the instructables robot
no his account was banned so the site took out all his comments he got banned for spamming every where
it aint that small
orange connecters everywhere!
cool but it just doesn't look leathel enough to be a grenade. better luck next time. sincerely, Loopy
If you wrap elastic bands on them there stronger. Check out mine :)
It's so simple, It works too, nice.
looks like it works but not well first comment

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