Step 5: And some more walls...

ey you should make a small balmachine with instructions with this lift,i'm getting tired of seeing everyone putting lifts on ibls instead of ball machine instructions, <br>BTW <br>dystopia is awesome
Haha, thanks! But I think I won't make another ible of a hole ball machine....you should use your imagination :P
ok, <br>i've played with knex a few years ago,i made some big ball machines back then,how big shall i make them now?
Just do it how you like it :D
haha, that was IMO pretty obvious.
this lifty thing works with the newer balls right?
I don't have newer balls so i didn't try out...
I see you're still coming out with an Ible every week. :-P Nice lift, but you should have cleaned it up a bit (i.e. the open connectors). Lots of that stuff isn't even needed.
Of course i'm coming up with a ible each week :P Did you forget that you talked me into something that made me do it? xD <br> still have two unpublished ibles and ideas for 20+ ibles (all non-knex realted &gt;:D )
Haha, I didn't know I talked you into that.
You didn't directly do that, you just talked me into doing something different that gave me the idea of doing that ^^
What will next week's Ible be?
Guess :P
Hmmm... Parallel arm lift?
yep! :D <br>Guess how many pics :P
not really.... <br>About 400 :P
That's a lot! How many steps are there?
30! :D
woooooow this thing is cool
Haha, thanks!
Is dystopia take down
everything except the parallel arm lift :P
Are you going to make an ible for the pArralel arm lift
Yeah :P <br>I'm trying to make it till next Friday :)
okey coool
I like it because the ball basically sits on the ground.
Haha, thanks! <br>And there's a millimeter missing.... :P

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