Hi today i will show you how to build a lego hidden blade not detailed or 1 colour! Pics were taken by babybg125 from minecraft I obviously built it. 125rubster that is my minecraft user name. WARNING MAY LEAVE MARKS. In stead of grills you can use tiles. If blade does not come out fully then twist your hand slightly! You may need to hold the case to get the blade out. Feel free to customise any way you want! By the way this is my first instructable!

Step 1: Blade Parts

You will need 4 technic pieces with 13 holes 2 technic pieces with 7 holes 1 axle (8 holes long) 2 axle stoppers 6 pegs (any colour) 1 3 long peg (any colour) and a bit of string about long enough to reach your middle finger and the axle stopper

Step 2: Building the Blade

Follow pics above

Step 3: Building the Case

You will need1 6x12 plate 1 6x8 plate 1 4x8 plate 1 4x6 plate 4 2x2 plates 3 1x6 tiles1 1x8 tiles 2 1x2 tiles or grills 4 2x4 plates 1 2x8 2 1x2 bricks 1 1x8 brickAll any colour and 2 rubber bands
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