Small Plant Terrarium





Introduction: Small Plant Terrarium

I made a few of these a week ago. This one sits on my desk as a fun little thing to look at. Hopefully the light that I shine on it provides enough light so it wont die or wilt. Just asking, does a flourescent lightbulb provide enough types of light(ultraviolet radiation, etc...) so the plant doesnt die?



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    I would add small pea gravel on bottom for drainage and some activated carbon for when you do open it next time the smell won't knock you out.

    What kind of plants do you have in there?

    Basil, I think?
    They are growing quite nicely right now

    Wow, this is cool! How did you make it?

    Thanks! I got a little plastic container from Michael's(A arts and crafts store.) I got some fine soil(I sifted through my regular potting soil) and I put in 4 basil plants. I put not too much water, because it will never need water again since it is covered and like a terrarium

    Great, I'll make one as soon as possible!
    Win Guy

    Cool! And if possible, purchase a grow light, flourescent may work, but its no guarentee.

    Thanks, I use the lamp daily, so a grow light might not be the best solution, but thanks anyways, so far the plants are growing, they move towards the light when I move their position.