Introduction: Small Portable Diesel Heater

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This instructable make a small portable 12V diesel heater for tent campervan boat

Step 1: The Box

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I had a precedent

portable diesel heather it run very well but it is to big and expose a lot of critical, part batteries (it work 24V and need 2 12V batteries series connected), wiring all cable are exposed, exhaust pipe really hot.

So I buy a new 12V parking heater VVKB on amazon it seem to be well silenced, and not so hot at exhaust pipe

Step 2: Boxing

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The problem is only insert all, heather, pump, cable wiring, inlet air outlet air in the smallest box possible.

It can work stand (with pipe on side) or turn of 90°degree (with pipe down)

Step 3: Finish

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Run silenced outlet air is 60°C and exhaust pipe reach 120°C (not burn paper) really comfortable for camping campervan boat


Dr.Bill (author)2017-12-21

Where is the combustion chamber?

paolobertoncin (author)Dr.Bill2017-12-24

Inside there is a small diesel parking heater VVKB really similar to webasto or ebersparker in Europe all truck has a similar inside the cabin to take warm when diesel engine is stop.
The combustion camber inside few cm3 the a fan move cold air on hot chamber

paolobertoncin (author)2017-09-09


note the exhaust pipe do not burn paper on the end

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