Picture of Small, Rustic Dice Bag
Hey there!
If you have ever looked up how to make dicebags on the internet, I'm sure you would, like me, have only found instructions on making whopping huge bags to hold several billion dice and with 0 class. Finding myself stuck trying to find instructions on making a small, 1-set-holding dice bag (with >9000 class), I decided to make one.

Introducing the Small, Rustic Dice Bag, to hold all the dice you ever need (in one game of D&D, i.e. 1 set). Don't be phased at the number of steps in this instructable - I've gone through just about every detail so you could probably skip some of the steps if you did the project with common sense.

This is a fairly simple project, its my second-ever sewing project, so I hope you can follow along.

Without further ado, lets go!
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
You will need:

Fabric of your choice - I chose a brown, old-fashioned-looking fabric found at an op-shop.
Thread - I used black to blend with the fabric.
Rope - I picked up some natural cotton cord from Bunnings.
PVA Glue + Extra thread (Optional) - For joining the ends of the rope in step 14.

Sewing Machine
Safety pin
Chalk (for darker fabrics)

Simple sewing knowledge - can often be attained by reading the manual and testing stuff out with scrap fabric.
Wolfess1 year ago
1] Awesome instructable. Love the look. c:

2] I have a D20 that matches yours. 131
Lunarius1 year ago
I love it! Super simple, really classy, and the perfect thing to tote your current lucky set of dice. I can't wait to make one of these for myself. :D
Exscaly (author)  Lunarius1 year ago
Thankyou :) I hope you enjoy it, good luck!