A small model of the TF2 Demoman's grenade launcher made from scrap material.

Step 1: Materials

This is a pretty simple model that didn't take long to make and looks great on a desk or coffee table.

You'll need:

2" 3/4" PVC pipe (1x)
1-1/4" 1/2" PVC pipe (6x)
Plastic cap to an aerosol can (preferably one with a beveled edge on one end)
Grip-Rite Fas'ners Tin Cap Disks
Wood (I used 1/2" ish pine I had lying around)

Wood Stain
Glue or epoxy
Double sided tape (optional)
Saw (Jig saw or scroll saw is recommended)

Larger block of wood and 2 nails to build the stand
<p>Be careful with that, or they'll have to glue you back together... IN HELL!</p>
if you put a can of compressed air into the handle you could make this a paintball gun
now try making a sticky bomb launcher
What size should the Tin Cap Disc be <br>
sweet! 5 stars<br/><em>What makes me a good demoman?</em><br/>WELL IF I WASN'T A GOOD DEMOMAN, I WOULDN'T BE STANDING HERE TALKING TO YOU ABOUT IT NOW, WOULD I!!! <em></em><br/>lol<br/>
lol "Oh they'll have to glue ya back together.... IN HELL! HAHAHA!"
itd be awesome if you could scale this up to the size of the grenade launcher...
it would be even better if you turned it into a potatoe gun.
lol go to comicon or a lan party dressed as the demoman and you tell people your grenade launcher can actulaly shoot and if they dont belive you boom potatao crotch shot
I was thinking about going as the Medic this Halloween, I look like him (tall, thin, medium-short dark hair) all I need is to make the backpack, get a lab coat, and maybe make a bonesaw.
YES! you are now my hero for that idea. (sorry about the caps)
What if I told you that I know how? ;)
Use a tazer and circuit connecter. You'll need to add a restriction plate so you can spray the hairspray in each chamber. Stuff small red potatoes in each hairspray chamber and if you assemble it right it will be a sweet spudgun.
hmmmmm. . . peach seem to be a bit of a tf2 person.
I was drawing plans for this and it was going to fire 37mm flares until I realized I was going to have to drop $400+ for 2 magazine loads (12 rounds) unfortunately, I don't have that kind of money I guess it's back to air pressure, toilet paper tubes, and match heads.
No, It is just a display model .To the author, great job! You could simplify some parts and actually make the barrels rotate, if you tried hard enough. But still, fantastic work!
i was gonna build this. (working of course)
Does it shoot?
maybe you could mod it to be an airsoft grenade launcher, its been done, but this looks cool
Holy SH*T NICE! I'm scottish and the Demoman has always been my favourite. Believe me you don't find many Bblack cyclops around here..

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