Picture of Small Scale Weaving Loom
While browing through Ravelry earlier in the week, I was looking at pictures of a beautiful woven scarf, and wishing I could have a go. I looked online at looms, and decided quite quickly that I wouldn't be buying one anytime soon! Still, being me, I decided I'd still like to have a play - so made a miniature version out of a plastic take-away box. Here's how I did it...

You'll need:
- One plastic take away box
- A craft knife
- Permanent marker
- Ruler
- Thin thread (I used a fine crochet cotton)
- Scrap yarn
- Cardboard

I also used, but you don't necessarily need, a crochet hook and a double pointed knitting needle...
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Step 1: Prepare the loom

Picture of Prepare the loom
Start by measuring the width of your box - mine was 12cm across. I marked off the two ends into 1cm gaps, using the permanent marker. With the craft knife, I cut small notches on each of the cm marks, leaving little "V" shaped gaps in the ends of the box. Try to make sure these aren't sharp - take a piece of sandpaper/nail file to it if they're a little rough.

With the thin thread, you need to prepare the warp threads - the ones that run top to bottom. Sticky tape/hold a piece of thread against the bottom of the box, towards the middle, and start to wrap the thread around the box, hooking it into the notches that you've already cut on each rotation - make sure you line up 1-1, 2-2 etc otherwise you'll end up with wide gaps in places. I tied the 2 ends of the warp thread together at the base, pulling all of the threads together tightly in the centre of the base.

I cut a bobbin/shuttle shape from a piece of cardboard, and wrapped my yarn onto it, to make it easier to move my yarn through the warp threads.