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Introduction: Small TV Table

Small TV table from scrap wood

My daughter recenty married and needed a place to set her TV in the bedroom. They were going to buy a pressed wood product at the SuperCenter. But, I measured what I had in the shed and asked if I could build it for them.

Step 1: Free Lumber!

I found a cabinet shop in town that tosses out al kinds of red oak solid stock and birch plywood. I went and cleaned out their dumpster, with permission of course. Once I got it all home, I sorted through it all and got it organized.

Step 2: Using What You Have

The table surfaces are 1/4" birch plywood. I had a 2x4 that was about 5 feet long. I ripped it, and mitered it to frame the surfaces. I am still learning how to build. So, I made a couple mistakes on the miters and had to use some glue and saw dust to make a filler.

The size of the table was based on what I had in stock more than anything.

Step 3: Leg Pieces

I had a 1x6 in the shed that I cut down to the right height. Then I started laying it out to get angles and heights that I liked. I laid two pieces down on the ground and clamped the surface tops in different places. Once I got the angles I liked, I debated on assembly options. I wanted to keep fasteners to a mimimum. So, I decided on cutting dadoes in the legs for support. I used a bevel guage to figure out the angles.

Step 4: Dadoes in the Legs

I started cutting the dadoes for the top first, assuming that they would be the easiest. Again, with lack of experience and ignorance, they didn't fit perfect. But, I was ok with them. This was a scrap wood project for my daughter's bedroom. I excused the ugliness that way.

Step 5: Never Enough Clamps

I have about 10 Harbor Freight "Quick-Clamps". They are all 12" clamps. My tops are 14" wide. So, I had to rig two clamps together to spread across the surface and hold the legs. Glued and clamped overnight.

The next morning, I pulled the clamps and was pretty pleased with the looks so far. Then, I got ready to sand and realized how unstable this proved to be. So, I predrilled and countersunk 1" wood screws in each leg. This stabilized things quite a bit. Enough to hold a small TV for sure.

Step 6: Sanding and Staining

I started with a Random Orbit sander with 80 grit. Then went to a Sheet sander with 120. And finished sanding with a detail sander at 220. I wiped it all down and got ready to stain. My daughter was looking for a black table. So I used Minwax Ebony stain. I applied two coats following instructions on the can. After the last coat dried, I found a couple of places that didn't stain correctly. After researching, I am thinking I should have used a pre-stain and/or sealed the grain somehow prior to staining.
After 24 hours, I applied a Minwax Urethane with a foam brush. I applied an extremely light coat. Such a light coat that it dried in about two hours. I used a 1500 wet/dry sandpaper made for auto body and knocked down the small rough spots. Then I repeated the process to a total of four coats of urethane.

Step 7: Car Wax?? Yes, Yes I Did!

I really wanted a thick protective clear finish. Something like an acrylic without the time investment and expense! So...I bought some Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell wax. I got the liquid form. I applied it and buffed it off Bout ten minutes later. This was the finish I was looking for!!! The rag would slide right off the table, it was so smooth! So, of course, I applied a second coat! I am happy with the end product.

Step 8: Special Touch

This is something brand new to me. I wanted something that made it a memorable piece. So, I got three pennies. A 1975 penny for the year I was born. A 1994 penny for the year my daughter was born. And then a 2014 penny, for the year the table was built. I glued them on with a CA glue and signed the table with a pwrmanent marker. Then, I sprayed over it with a spray urethane.

Thanks for reading!



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    I love the tiny details.....a penny for your thoughts?

    Lovely work, sir. And even more lovely for reuse of discarded materials...!

    Thank you very much for the kind words. My daughter loved the table. But the best feedback has been about the pennies. lol