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Introduction: Small Talk

(Watch the attached video for a more in-depth example)

The human population often struggles with the art of small talk. People often make it really awkward. It does not have to be awkward though. There are five steps to follow to ensure a pleasant experience with small talk.

Through all these steps listen. This will help you keep the conversation going without awkwardness.

Link for video if embedded one does not work:

Step 1:

Initiate the conversation. This gives you control of the conversation right off the bat.

Step 2:

Find Common ground with the person, this does not mean you both are die hard fans of the same thing. Use the situation to find common ground.

Step 3:

Reveal Something about yourself. This shows you are genuinely interested in talking to the person. DO NOT REVEAL SOMETHING CREEPY.

Step 4:

Engage the other person. Use surroundings to keep the conversation going. Asking open-ended questions is a great way to engage the other person.

Step 5:

Leave the conversation gracefully. Do not abruptly end the conversation or make the other person feel like you were doing them a favor by talking to them. Look for an out, and let them know you enjoyed the conversation.



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    Interesting information! And key in today's job market! Thanks for sharing!