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Have you ever wanted to make your own little lamp using a 3d printer and a lasercutter? I did! And actually it isn't that difficult. I will explain you step by step how to make one, enjoy!


Step 1: Needs

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Here is a list of everything you'll need:

Fitting E14

Electricity cord


Cord switch


Cable stripper

Small flat screwdriver

Phillips screwdriver


3 mm thick wooden panel (300 x 600 mm)

Little hinge

Flat wood file

Stanley knife

Wood glue

Glue gun


3d printer

Step 2: Provide Light

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It is just a small lamp so you need a little fitting (E14), otherwise the fitting will not fit in the lamp post.


Mount the fitting at one end of the electricity cable by stripping the end with a cablestripper and twisting the copperwires. Plug the copperwire into the holes of the fitting and use a screwdriver to fix it. Twist the other fitting components together and twist the lamp in the fitting, your fitting is fixed now!

Cord switcher

It's time to mount the cord switcher. Measure where you want to put the cordswitcher, for example 20 cm from the fitting. Cut the cable and strip both ends. Twist the copperwires and fix them in the holes using the small flat screwdriver. Make sure you put the copperwires exactly under the four screws.


Fix the plug by stripping the end of the cable, twisting the copperwires and fixing them in the holes with the screws by using the small flat screwdriver. Make sure the copper wires are attached between two metal plates. Plug the cable into the socket and you'll have light!

Tips for stripping and fixing

- Make sure you don't cut through the copperwires when you are stripping the cable.

- Don't twist the copperwires too hard, they will fracture.

Step 3: Lasercutting the Lampshade

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Lasercut the first two files on the 3 mm wooden panels.

The third file will tell you which hexagons you need.

Step 4: 3d Printing the Lamp Post

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3d print those files.

After 3d printing the files remove the supports.

Step 5: Glueing

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3d prints

Stick the 3d printed adhesive surfaces together with acetone.
Equip the two adhesive surfaces of acetone, wait until the glue surfaces week and firmly press it together. If the acetone evaporates, you have a good connection.


Glue the hexagons together using the wood glue.

Glue the 3d printed lamp post on the bottom hexagon.

Tip: Remove adhesive residue immediately.

Step 6: Add the Hinge

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File 2 mm wood away from the bottom and also from the biggest hexagon to make room for the hinge.

If you do this accurately, you'll prevent the light passing through the edge.

Finally make the hinge fixed on the hexagons with the glue gun.

Step 7:

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Put the fitting into the lamp post.

Make sure the wire fits in the hole.

Step 8: Variations

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It is possible to make a different lampshade by pilling up the hexagons in another order or turning them a bit more or less.


Grizzly2121 (author)2016-12-08

Would it be possible to get the LaserCutting_Bottom in the ai format instead of the edrw?

4DIYers (author)2016-10-30

Awesome work, you should definitely consider selling these on Etsy.

ANonimious (author)4DIYers2016-10-31

Thank you! I will think about it :)

Anirudh Ralhan (author)2016-10-30

I made a similar one with ice cream sticks :)


Thanks!!Check out my instructable on another type of lamp I made:-

EstherL6 (author)2016-10-30

Awesome! :)

ANonimious (author)EstherL62016-10-30

Thankyouu! ;)

Fathomlis (author)2016-10-29

This is so beautiful and stylish. And the fact that you can change the shape of the lamp, thats so cool!

ANonimious (author)Fathomlis2016-10-30

Yes you can! Thank you! :)

Swansong (author)2016-10-29

This is beautiful :)

ANonimious (author)Swansong2016-10-29

Thank you!

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