Step 7: Test model # 2

Here are images to some ideas that I'm working on for my 2nd test model.
The chuck is from an old Dewalt (R) cordless drill.
I used 2 blocks of wood to secure the motor/generator inside the "U"  bolt.
The drill chuck's bearing is resting in a block of wood that has a "key hole" drilled through it.
The assembled unit is then mounted to the board using the "U" bolt that is holding the motor.
The 6 blades are made from 3" PVC pipe, 18" long, mounted on a small metal disk.
They spin fast!

Covered the assembly with 3" PVC pipe and end caps.

Bolted a floor flange to the bottom of the board with an 1/2" X 10" pipe screwed into the flange.
Then the 1/2" pipe was slide into a 1" X 10' conduit.
The fin is made from a piece of scrap metal.

It almost hit 6 volts during a gust on a fairly breezy day

I took this unit and hooked it up to the charge controller on the solar set up at my mom and dad house.


ddavis662 (author) 3 years ago
Wind generator in the back ground, with the solar panel mounted to the deck railing, the Night Watch Man mounted on the right/center post and the LED lights hanging down behind both center post.
ddavis662 (author) 3 years ago
I've got #2 up and generating power at my parents farm.
Brought #1 back to my house for future experiments.