Small Wooden Stool





Introduction: Small Wooden Stool

This is an Update of a previous Instructable:

I still had the same 4x4cm beams left from the pile my dad provided for me, i just keep on going!

The idea came from the bench, i made a stool that is half the size of the bench, but follows the same type of building and style.

The used tools:

-A screwdriver

-A Radial Saw( love it ! evey cut is straight!)

Used materials:

-4 x 4 cm beams


-wood glue

Step 1: Cut Your Wood

This step is very simple.

Cut the beams to length with the radial saw.

I followed the same style and dimensions as the bench, but i had to remind me that the stool is half the size.

Step 2: Screw and Glue It Toghether

Just as in the previous instructable, glue every beam together and use 2 screws every time.

Please make sure the surface you work on is flat and free of dirt.

Step 3: Add Reinforcements

The screws i used where a bit short so just to make sure the legs don't fall of when you move the stool, i used the same reinforcements to reinforce the legs.

The stool is quite heavy so a lot of moving is not necessary.

But it gives a nice ,robust and solid result!

I made one in just an hour, whenever i have a free evening, i will make another one.



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    looks good. I might have 45 the boarder of the table top but simple and clean. I've been looking for a project to use up some of my smaller boards

    Thank you. I just sanded a small amount of the sides so mo hard edges when ypu sit on it
    If you look at tje other instructable perhaps you can find a sketchup file to give you an idea.

    This looks very nice. Matches the other table you built very well! Thanks for sharing this!

    Thank you! I am very proud of the results and hope to make more!