Step 4: Finished

So, besides a finish, it's done!

I had to drill a hole to slip the chord through because it was keeping the amp from sitting back correctly.

Since I kept singing "Bellbottom Blues" the whole time I was building this thing, I think I will cover it with denim.  :)
What's the angle?
Great instructable! I built one this evening. I am planning on wrapping it with faux leather to match the amp.<br> <br>
Behringer = &lt;3<br>haha sorry but my first and favourate amp is a behringer V-Ampire :D<br><br>im gonna have to try this coz the amps are so annoying to get to when i cant see the digital screen.<br><br>nice instructional mate<br>
BTW, the guitar in the background is a 1980 Nagoya D9. <br> <br>If you can find one, grab it! They are really nice sounding guitars.
simple, nice.<br>how do you like that amp? i've been considering getting a used one.
Thanks for the comment! <br> <br>It's pretty nice, especially considering the price. <br> <br>If it had delay or reverb, I wouldn't ask for anything more in a practice amp. <br> <br>Let me know if you have any other ideas of stuff that I should build and document.

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