A catapult made out of a paper binder and rubberband. Great for launching things during class. I got this off of Youtube.

Step 1: Make It

Wrap rubberband around the binder.

Step 2: How to Shoot

Hold onto one side of binder. Pull back the other. Put ammo on the one side being pulled back. Let go of one that is pulled back
man! this catapult is amazing you better post this for pocket sized contest <br>
super easy this should be in the catapults for dummies book :D
I AM SO GOING TO MAKE ONE OF THESE RIGHT NOW!!!!!........as soon as i can find a paper binder.........SEARCH ON!!!
awesomness! and so simple! :)
this is so cool! now i can just hit my brother and he cant prove it. lol
this is very cool
COOL!! Now I can hit my brother in classes. THANKS! :)
dude i guess great minds think alike! i had the same idea lol nice job
I foresee zapping a few of my coworkers with this. Beats rubber bands by a mile. XD Thanks!
ahh its prety good i use it in class an snipe my teacher she never knows who its is because the catapult is so easy to hide
OMG it works really well thanks soo much mate
it works better with more rubberbands
paper clips are good
The only trouble is finding something small.....
the best ammo are small marbles, they fit perfectly in the clip i used XP
You could just use the binder clip but it wouldn't be as powerful.
Nice, it owns!!
it'll be much stronger if you wrap the rubber band tightly around the silver part of clipper
How does it work?
watch the video to find out
Nice things to shoot your friends in a boring class at school!
If you can't figure it out, than you're dumb. You just pull down on one of the handles with a piece of paper or something, and than release. I would suggest adding something to lengthen the handles, or increase the overall size of the catapult though.
The video doesn't work can you please post another link to it.
Thanks for the Instructable,ill be testing my version in class tomorrow.
can someone tell me how to fire?
i dont understand how to fire, but looks really cool!<br/><br/>at least my teacher cant take it cuz its not <em>just</em> a rubberband...<br/>
thats sweet
what do you do?
I'm confused
Well if you cant figure this out what's your problem??
I've tried different modifications, and here are some of them: 1) Attach a spoon (preferably metal, plastic might break) on one side and under all the rubber bands. (Also attach rubberbands from the handles to the spoon) 2) To prevent the rubberbands from falling from the bottom, you can tape the sides of the clip or attach rubberbands around the sides.
Add some images
This is so simple and ingenious. I can fire over one-story houses! So small too ... so discreet ...
lets drive the teachers insane! :)
Kool with a K. Pfunk rocks!
hmm. nice! mabe 1 of thos big clips would work better?>??? oh and nice house!
Lol, this is cool. I like it! Nice instructable.

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