Small Cedar Nick Nack Shelf




Introduction: Small Cedar Nick Nack Shelf

I got the pattern for this shelf from a flooring Instructable a pretty awesome one at that from here by Vyger

I've used this pattern a couple times the pattern works great for striated and exotic woods with wavy and ribbon  patterns 

Step 1:

Cut 12 pieces at a 30 * angle i used a table saw and a sled built to cut these sections 

Place the width of the board between the fence of your saw and the blade and lock down this will give you the correct width to cut once you make your first edge pass 

After the first cut run that edge against the fence and cut the first piece of your boards 

Step 2: Gluing

I used a hot glue gun to put this together it holds well on cedars open pore wood 

Step 3: Finish

Viola ! finished now my daughter has a shelf for her small goodies 

Sand it down a little and give it a nice clear coat to keep that pink cedar color ! I find a flat spray spar urethane works well and protects the wood nicely ....




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