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This is a lifehack to make another lifehack if you don´t have can tabs! Do you know all these `Life-hacks to organize your small closet´? I really like the idea of using can top tabs to be able to hang more clothes in the same space by connecting several hangers beneath each other, but I don´t have that many can tabs. So I thought of a different solution to hang several hangers into my closet without using can tabs.

Step 1: Here Is What You Need

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Here is what you need for your no can tab hanger solution

- wire

- soldering iron and solder

- white paint

- paint brush

- scissor or tongs

Step 2: Wire

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Cut a piece of wire (about 5 to 10 cm, depends on the thickness of the wire (If it´s thicker you need more wire)). Now cut the isolation that you have about half a centimeter without isolation on each end of the wire. (picture 1)

Now bend the wire into a circle.

Step 3: Soldering

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Solder the ends of the wire together.

Step 4: Paint

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In the last step you color the wire rings.

Step 5: There You Go

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There you go - a no can tabs hanger solution for your closet. Now you can put several hangers under one another without using can tabs!


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