Small Easy K'nex Gun





Introduction: Small Easy K'nex Gun

This is a little gun I came up with because i was bored. It gets a pretty good range depending on the band and is very simple.

Thing you need
~A few knex pieces(haven't counted)
~1-2 small rubberbands

Step 1: Barrel and Firing Pin Assembly

This doesn't need a real description the pictures should explain it.

Step 2: Handle Assembly

Step 3: Rubberbanding

Depending on the bands you use this will very quite a bit. But here is the method i use.Ignore the extra peices laying around. When the firing pin is inserted move the rubberbands to the left of the trigger. This will make it lock when the pin is pulled back.

Step 4: Loading and Firing

Pull back the firing pin. THe trigger should automatically lock. Then load your ammo into the barrel. The small black rods, the little bigger grey rods, and ball bearings all work great. Move the trigger to the left to fire. Constructive Crtisism welcome, but be nice...this is my first instructable.



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    this is the best gun ever

    hey guys i built a gun and it can honestly kill a squirrel it shoots 60 feet thats not a maby thats a seriously,it requires simple and easy peices to get and has a real trigger,anyone want me to post it?by the way umm it says like 4:40am but really it is 7:40 so umm yah tell me if it sounds good its more compact and better than this gun there i said it!

    can you post the link plz? theres cats pissing of my mums catand my dad wont let me shoot em with his air rifle could u send the link plz?

    i no this is nearly a year gone but cn u post it n send me the link plz

    i have to get the rspca on u...

    Absoulutly noone is going to belive that without video proof. Me included :-)

    frgt tht comnt ur gn suks!!

    it is from 2006 you know, this was only the 4th-5th gun.

    I almost wanted to rate it 0.5, but then I saw that this gun is from 2006!!! 4 stars.