Picture of Small easy k'nex gun
This is a little gun I came up with because i was bored. It gets a pretty good range depending on the band and is very simple.

Thing you need
~A few knex pieces(haven't counted)
~1-2 small rubberbands
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Step 1: Barrel and Firing Pin Assembly

Picture of Barrel and Firing Pin Assembly
barrel constructed.JPG
firing pin.JPG
This doesn't need a real description the pictures should explain it.

Step 2: Handle Assembly

Picture of Handle Assembly

Step 3: Rubberbanding

Picture of Rubberbanding
Final firing pin.JPG
Depending on the bands you use this will very quite a bit. But here is the method i use.Ignore the extra peices laying around. When the firing pin is inserted move the rubberbands to the left of the trigger. This will make it lock when the pin is pulled back.

Step 4: Loading and firing

Picture of Loading and firing
Pull back the firing pin. THe trigger should automatically lock. Then load your ammo into the barrel. The small black rods, the little bigger grey rods, and ball bearings all work great. Move the trigger to the left to fire. Constructive Crtisism welcome, but be nice...this is my first instructable.
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killer4 years ago
this is the best gun ever
pakman2277 years ago
hey guys i built a gun and it can honestly kill a squirrel it shoots 60 feet thats not a maby thats a seriously,it requires simple and easy peices to get and has a real trigger,anyone want me to post it?by the way umm it says like 4:40am but really it is 7:40 so umm yah tell me if it sounds good its more compact and better than this gun there i said it!
can you post the link plz? theres cats pissing of my mums catand my dad wont let me shoot em with his air rifle could u send the link plz?
i no this is nearly a year gone but cn u post it n send me the link plz
i have to get the rspca on u...
Absoulutly noone is going to belive that without video proof. Me included :-)
rrr676 years ago
frgt tht comnt ur gn suks!!
it is from 2006 you know, this was only the 4th-5th gun.
I almost wanted to rate it 0.5, but then I saw that this gun is from 2006!!! 4 stars.
rrr676 years ago
hey, i lov ur gun but im havin trbl wit the ruber bnds.
r-man7 years ago
dude this gun rocks. I built it and shot it at my little brother when he was bothering me. my mom thought it was hilarious
lunchboxrc7 years ago
yes please do post it
joey25426677 years ago
hey guys, i came up with quite a few modifacations for this gun. Do you want me to post it?
KILLERK8 years ago
your gun uses about 35 pieces and it's small and compact how creative can a 45 piece limit allow us to get? up the piece limit to 55, 65, or 75 or have multiple classes? just a few ideas
i made a gun with k'nex with26 peices and i is good the range is 35 feet
KILLERK i made a pretty good gun with only 20 peices ripped of your idea a little (i love your gun :D)
nice going
KILLERK8 years ago
y do u have a space between the trigger and end of the gun? just for looks or something? just wondering thats all, looks like it will shoot alright
hi post a shotgun please
this looks cool but how far does it shoot? It would probably better if you use killerks locking bullet feature.I built this gun kinda like his it shoots little over 100 ft without the sniper rod bullet, i have no idea how to make a sniper bullet
im not sure it is possible to shoot a standard rod 100ft but if u get it to shoot 30ft without braking the ram thats pretty good how far have u got it to shoot?
Killer didnt you get 1 200 feet?
correct it can be viewed in my vid on step 18 or so
steel$ KILLERK8 years ago
how do u get tour gun to fire 200 ft wvwen with sniper ammo i got it to shoot about 50 ft
KILLERK steel$8 years ago
trial and error making the sniper rods correctly there is a trick to it sorta and using a weapon that is designed for power
PetervG8 years ago
I want some knex now from seeing all these guns made from it.
i made a really small gun that will fire a green rod about 20/25 feeti got a pic of it next to killerK's
I have no desire to make these, but shouldn't there be a group by now or something?
there are a couple of groups
bobbyk8818 years ago
you copied the "Basic Knex Cannon"
steel$8 years ago
your gun is ok but the handle is so unconforable uuuuuuuggggg ={
crestind8 years ago
Initially, this looked flimsy compared to the other handguns for some reason. However, performance is far superior! It is very comfortable in the hand, sturdy, and is a great compact! An excellent design! I only suggest using a more powerful rubber band. Favorite.
Moloro0 (author)  crestind8 years ago
Thanks. If i had the patience i would build your gun, but yet I would screw it up anywaysws. Go here for more
steel$ Moloro08 years ago
i think the only pert u would have a hard time at is the trigger
Moloro0 (author) 8 years ago
It shoots about 40 ft after I taped up the ram. But i did change the design a little.
morolo0 when i built your gun it kinda had a lot of faults what i did to make it better was this 1. use blue rod firing pin 2. increase the range by using more rubberbands
mrbob10008 years ago
i made a slightly modified version of this and it shoots well the ram actually is tensioned and an orange piece holds it so the ram doesn't fire then the trigger is pulling the orange piece over
i got this gun shootin pretty good about 40 ft with a ton and ton of rubberbands
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